Motivational Interviewing Course


ACJI’s Motivational Interviewing course is an 8 hour, self-directed virtual training designed specifically for helpers, such as case managers, officers, coaches, and other support people.

This course provides the tools, skills, and competencies to help people grow, change, and reach their transformative goals. Appropriate for both beginners and practitioners looking to advance their skills, the course format is based on skill development, practical application, and strategy.



Developed by members of the Motivational Interviewing network of trainers (MINT), you can access ACJI’s virtual Motivational Interviewing (MI) course with the click of a button. When purchasing this course, you will…

  • Receive access to eight hours of virtual training content
  • Build skills to support people through transformation and growth
  • Understand the spirit, skills, and strategy of Motivational Interviewing techniques
  • Identify opportunities to be a motivational mentor within your own organization
  • Access training content for two months

Want to learn more about this virtual course? You are invited to contact ACJI to learn more about all of the virtual learning opportunities we provide.