Justice Agencies

An Invitation To Implement Agency Changes In A Different Way

Implementation Leadership Academy

Get Started With ACJI

The Implementation Leadership Academy is a provocative, introspective, and interactive virtual program that will help you through the challenging work of change.

Based on ACJI’s 10 Essential Principles of Implementation Leadership©, the Academy applies the science of implementation to the art of leadership within the justice system. Issues related to program, policy, and evidence-based practice implementation in the criminal legal and behavioral health systems are covered in detail.

The public 8-week Academy is held once in the winter/spring and once in the fall each year. Contact us if your agency is interested in a private Academy of its own.

Dynamic Implementation Series

Continue With ACJI

ACJI invites Implementation Leadership Academy alumni and their implementation teams to participate in ACJI’s Dymamic Implementation Series. During this private, 5-week virtual program, you will intentionally implement your own program, policy, or practice using ACJI’s unique framework, the 5 Dynamics of Effective Implementation.

Take the principles of implementation science you learned in the Academy and see how to operationalize and measure your program’s core activities. Then, with ACJI’s tools and guidance, begin to intentionally implement in a new way. You’ll do this with your own customized road map that addresses your organization’s distinctive needs and challenges.

One-On-One Implementation Coaching

Ongoing Support From ACJI

ACJI works with emerging and experienced human services and criminal legal system leaders who want to produce better outcomes. Research continues to show that leadership coaching can be very effective in creating lasting change, both in our personal world and work world. 

ACJI leadership coaches are implementation coaches. We guide you through the challenges that are sure to arise during new and ongoing implementation efforts, EBP-related and otherwise. 

Most leaders in other industries work with executive coaches. We think it’s time for justice system leaders to catch up.