Implementation Science 101 Online Course


Learn the basics of Implementation Science with ACJI’s Implementation Science 101. In this 90-minute online course, you will connect the know-how with the tools and strategies to improve your outcomes. Whether you are starting a new initiative at your organization or want to revive an effort that has faded, you will quickly see the potential of Implementation Science and will gain the tools to trailblaze the path forward.

  • Understand ACJI’s trademarked 5-Dynamics approach to Implementation Science in the justice field
  • Get exclusive access to the Dynamic Implementation Assessment and explore your organization’s capacity to make change
  • Learn how to use specific tools that will encourage you and your team to adopt strategies and stay on track


Implementation Science often makes the difference between efforts that flourish and those that fizzle. When purchasing this online course from ACJI, you will:

  • Uncover strategies to be more intentional about the outcomes you want
  • Understand your organization’s capacity to implement and how this impacts your change efforts
  • Explore the role that fidelity plays in your organization’s implementation efforts
  • Receive easy-to-use tools that ensure practices are carried out in real life with real impact on real people

For 30 days from the date of purchase, you will have access to the video training and accompanying materials. You will also earn a certificate of completion!

Implementation Science Topics Covered

  1. What Is Dynamic Implementation
  2. Research
  3. Stages Of Implementation
  4. Why Implementation Matters
  5. Formula For Success
  6. Research Briefs
  7. Reading Activities
  8. Reflection Questions
  9. Tools To Apply Each Of The 5 Dynamics
  10. Assessment Tool To Measure Capacity

Find out what all the buzz is about. The Implementation Science 101 online course covers many of the same topics as our Implementation Leadership Academy but in a fraction of the time.