Implementation Science 101 Course


Implementation Science 101 is a starter course designed to help you connect the science with practical implementation driven tools and strategies to improve outcomes. If you are trying to start something new, bring innovation to your organization, or revive an effort that has fizzled and faded, this course will help you to unleash the potential of evidence-based solutions and ignite a trailblazing path towards impactful implementation success. In this 90-minute virtual course designed by ACJI Implementation Experts, you will learn the basics of Implementation Science through our trademarked 5-Dynamics approach, including how organizational culture can help or hinder your change efforts.


Access to this course includes an organizational assessment to measure organizational capacity and tools to bring your teams to drive implementation strategy and planning. Access to the training, assessments, and tools for 30 days begins as soon as you purchase the course.






Intentional implementation often makes the difference between organizations that flourish and those that fizzle. When purchasing this online course from ACJI, you will…

  • Learn the 5 Dynamics of Effective Implementation™, ACJI’s approach to Implementation Science for those working in the justice field
  • Assess your organization’s current capacity to implement effectively with ACJI’s Dynamic Implementation Assessment
  • Explore of the role that fidelity plays in your organizational implementation efforts
  • Uncover strategies to be more intentional about the outcomes you pursue
  • Receive copies of tools to ensure practices are carried out in real life with real impact on real people

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