SelfCare@Work – Wellness Toolkit – Ep 1


ACJI’s SelfCare@Work episode on building your own Wellness Toolkit is the first video in ACJI’s new series. In this video and accompanying PDF download, you’ll see how wellness looks different for everyone – including you!  Dig in and find ways to prioritize and stick to your goals.



Learn from ACJI’s leaders on your own time and in your own space with the SelfCare@Work video series. Each video offers:

  • Insights into a powerful microtechnique to reduce your stress and increase your energy
  • A new tool that gives you designated time to focus on your development as a professional
  • Strategies that will inspire you to help others better… and yourself too
  • 10-15 minute online video (password protected) and accompanying PDF download

Want more @Work videos? You can find a select few videos on our website AND you are invited to contact ACJI to learn about the full SelfCare@Work video series – 12 in all. We also offer options to customize videos with your organization’s branding and personalized welcome message.