8-Week Academy
Learning Objectives

Practical Tools

Easy to use tools and strategies that you can immediately apply and use in your work environment

One-on-One Support

Weekly live 90-minute interactive instruction and supportive coaching with expert ACJI facilitators.

Learning Exchange

Weekly discussion to exchange your learning and experiences with other leaders in the class.


Weekly introspective journaling on mindset in order to habitualize Leadership Climate Control concepts.

Skill Building

Weekly homework assignments to apply the principles and tools to practice in a safe environment.

Group Dialogue

Engage and share your learning and experiences with other leaders in the class.

September Implementation
Leadership Academy

The 10 Essential Principles of Implementation Leadership

Trust the Vision

  • Leadership mindset is contagious
  • Relentless optimism
  • Good is the enemy of great

Murphy Hates Us

  • What can go wrong, will
  • Accept Murphy (lessen frustration)
  • Strong leaders build Murphy into plans

Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  • Find comfort in chaos
  • Disequilibrium is the rule, not the exception
  • No growth in the comfort zone, no comfort in the growth zone

Adapt or Die

  • First diagnose the challenge
  • Discern between problems & symptoms
  • Match solutions to problems

Fail Forward Fail Often

  • Failure is a virtue, Perfection is the vice
  • Embrace trial and error
  • Fail without loss of enthusiasm 

Culture is King

  • Culture is always upstream from strategy & outcomes
  • ID & diagnose the culture or become its victim
  • Change inputs, mindset, habits, dialogue & interaction

Leading the Hearts Leading the Minds

  • Lead the mindset, don't govern the behavior
  • Build & maintain the interpersonal savings account
  • Focus on WHY before WHAT & HOW

Being Intentionally Infinite

  • Implementation is perpetual, neither a marathon nor a sprint
  • Flexible plays and agile players playing the infinite game
  • Growth mindset, not a fixed midset

Take the Leap

  • Guard against analysis paralysis
  • Identify & break What-if-itis
  • Imagine, rather than worry

Savor the Journey

  • Don't let ambition overshadow small successes
  • Trials contribute to the greater body of knowledge
  • Create better leaders, not more followers