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Motivational Interviewing Course


ACJI’s Motivational Interviewing course is an 8 hour, self-directed virtual training designed specifically for helpers, such as case managers, officers, coaches, and other support people.

This course provides the tools, skills, and competencies to help people grow, change, and reach their transformative goals. Appropriate for both beginners and practitioners looking to advance their skills, the course format is based on skill development, practical application, and strategy.

Implementation Science 101 Course

Implementation Science 101 is a starter course designed to help you connect the science with practical implementation driven tools and strategies to improve outcomes. If you are trying to start something new, bring innovation to your organization, or revive an effort that has fizzled and faded, this course will help you to unleash the potential of evidence-based solutions and ignite a trailblazing path towards impactful implementation success. In this 90-minute virtual course designed by ACJI Implementation Experts, you will learn the basics of Implementation Science through our trademarked 5-Dynamics approach, including how organizational culture can help or hinder your change efforts.


Access to this course includes an organizational assessment to measure organizational capacity and tools to bring your teams to drive implementation strategy and planning. Access to the training, assessments, and tools for 30 days begins as soon as you purchase the course.




Self Care @ Work – Stress Management – Ep 3


ACJI’s Self Care @ Work episode on Stress Management is the third video in ACJI’s new series. In this episode and the accompanying PDF download, you’ll see why it’s important to reframe fears and failures into opportunities and gifts. You’ll see exactly how to do it, too. This tool will be beneficial in all areas of your life.

Managing your stress the right way for you will not only make you feel better, but it will help you show up to work at your best, too.

Self Care @ Work – Wellness Toolkit – Ep 1


ACJI’s Self Care @ Work episode on building your own Wellness Toolkit is the first video in ACJI’s new series. In this video and accompanying PDF download, you’ll see how wellness looks different for everyone – including you!  Dig in and find ways to prioritize and stick to your goals.

Self Care @ Work – Appreciative Thinking – Ep 2


ACJI’s Self Care @ Work episode on Appreciative Thinking will show you how to train your mind and influence the minds of those around you to think from an opportunity-based perspective. Let us help you create a new habit. Learn to focus on what you want to grow rather than what you are against.

Make your purchase to get access to ACJI’s Self Care @ Work third episode, which includes a video and accompanying handout.